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Our mission and values

International business consulting is about professionalism, reliability, planning skills, efficiency and rapid implementation. These are the cornerstones on which CMP GROUP was founded.

Our job is to understand a company’s problem and to convert it into a goal to be achieved together with our client. In order to do so, CMP GROUP avails itself of the skills of the best professionals for a unique, rapid, and practical service. Both our Clients and their markets of reference benefit from our innovative ideas.

International corporate and financial planning is much more than consulting. In order to obtain tangible results, it is necessary to know what human resources to draw on in the sectors of production, finance, law and tax law. Our professionals propose solutions as rapidly as entrepreneurs when tackling problems in their own business.

CMP GROUP’s Study Department regularly monitors evolution and changes in international markets and prepares market and sector analyses accordingly.

CMP GROUP operates in conjunction with a vast network of partners located in key countries of production and international trade, conferring our group with the capacity to effectively implement and manage investment projects shared with clients.

CMP GROUP has been working for many years as a Project Manager for international projects such as foreign production, commercial, and corporate investments, thus developing specific know-how at a legal, fiscal and operative level.

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