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Import And Export Services For Italian Business

Import and export services for Italian business

“LANGUAGE PROGRAM TOOLKIT IV – foreign languages for the internationalization of business”, is a project created in cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Forlì, Department of Interpretation and Translation.

Why is this an interesting piece of news? The reason is quite simple: in Italy, there are plenty of services aimed to support companies which want to go global and start selling into international markets, and we are pleased to support these initiatives.

At CMP Group we believe our business is also to promote cultural understanding for international global business relationships and all the services aimed to provide tools for both small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The goal of the project, as indicated on the official document by the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì, “is aimed at encouraging the territory’s economic internationalization by upgrading the language tools and foreign language skills, which will then be capitalized within companies.”

“By partnering with the Department of Interpretation and Translation of Forlì University, young master undergraduates, accompanied by teachers, will dedicate their thesis on the translation of promotional and commercial documents – with the possibility of revision of the text in Italian – (explanatory brochures, business correspondence, websites) and technical (technical manuals, instruction booklets) of the companies participating in the project.”

Full documentation (in Italian) can be downloaded from the Chamber of Commerce website at the following page:

Language Toolkit IV: Le lingue straniere al servizio dell’internazionalizzazione d’impresa

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