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Discover excellence in the most innovative fields of production

Discover new products made with the ancient Arts and Crafts.

Discover the Made in Italy

Bosco verticale - Milano
Bosco Verticale - Boeri Studio design - Awarded as "Best Architecture of the World 2015" by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, promoted by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. (©

We provide support and assistance to both micro-enterprises and SMEs  in internationalization processes

Natural, environmentally friendly and trendy!

Among our best clients, we number a really extraordinary company whose masterpieces find their perfect locations inside both micro enterprises and multinational companies, in homes and in cities.

Think about using one of their four unparallelled products inside your business. They create:

  • Indoor Vertical Gardens
  • Outdoor Vertical Gardens
  • Living Frames
  • Indoor Gardens

Having something natural and green is so trendy that even large companies use Indoor Vertical Gardens inside their reception hall, with astonishing effects leaving customers struck with amazement.

Diesel-Headquarters Reception Hall With Indoor Vertical Garden By Sundar Italia

Can you imagine your company logo on a living frame, give a warm welcome to your customers?

In Marketing Communication we call it "Brand Building and how to build a strong reputation".

Our client can help your business grow its positive brand reputation, which means building loyalty and increasing customer confidence in your brand and product and ultimately driving sales.


A dedicated and professional consulting service for researching new market niches, based on your company goals.


We develop and carry out projects abroad thanks to a network of partners in key countries for international trade.


Our vertically integrated experience in the sector of environmental reclamation all began in Russia in 2000, followed by Ecomondo Moscow and the RUSSIA AMBIENTE project.


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